Teresa Giudice Slammed For Way Too Dark Tan - Gets Compared To 'Bacon' And More!

Teresa Giudice Slammed For Way Too Dark Tan - Gets Compared To 'Bacon' And More!
Credit: Source: abcnews.go.com

Social media has been roasting the reality TV star for looking quite ‘roasted’ already in a new pic alongside Andy Cohen. The man was the one who took to social media earlier today, to share a snap of him and Teresa Giudice in a swimsuit, looking so tanned that people started comparing her to ‘bacon!’

The photo, which was taken in Jamaica, caused many to slam and diss the Real Housewives of New Jersey star for how far she went with her very dark tanned skin since she looked so much darker than usual.

Andy, who was wearing a pair of shorts in the snap, captioned it: ‘Stepped on the beach, ran right into Tre, and need you to please caption this pic! I’ll read the best on @radioandysxm Monday Morning. ☀️.’

Soon enough, the reactions to it started pouring in and it is safe to say that most people were really shocked to see Teresa like that.

Here are a few of the comments: ‘When you forget to flip the bacon.’ / ‘Sunblock!!’ / ‘Beauty and the Tan Mom. / ‘Doesn’t matter if your black or white…..She’s black, he’s white, ya ya ya, now.’

As you may have realized, a lot of the reactions included mocking words and embarrassing nicknames.

However, there were also some compliments, with one user telling the two stars that both of their bodies looked ‘amazing!’

Aside from the backlash she received for the way too dark tan, Teresa is still super proud of herself since she has been training hard in the gym.

It makes sense she wanted to show off her toned body, but maybe she should have also been careful about the shade of it.


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