Teresa Giudice Shows Off Her Natural Beauty In Video With No Makeup On!

Teresa Giudice Shows Off Her Natural Beauty In Video With No Makeup On!
Credit: Source: bravotv.com

Teresa Giudice is a big fan of makeup and she usually sports a very specific, signature look but now, she decided to show off her natural beauty as well! The Real Housewives of New Jersey star shared a clip on Instagram in which she had no makeup on and she looks as beautiful as ever!

Teresa Giudice was showing off her go-to foaming cleanser so she obviously needed a clean face for that but rather than the product itself, it was her makeup-free beauty that got the most attention from followers.

After all, the reality TV celeb is very rarely seen without makeup on camera but this time around, she managed to prove that she has a perfect, wrinkle-free face and perhaps her favorite cleanser has helped quite a lot with that.

The video shows the mother of four daughters gushing over the hemp-seed oil-based face wash product she apparently uses both in the morning as well as at night, every single day.

With her hair pulled back and while wearing a blue bathrobe, Teresa proceeds to promote the product, telling her audience that: ‘I’m in love with Uncle Bud’s foaming face wash. What I love it that it removes oil and dirt and especially makeup off your face.’

At the time, she was standing in her bathroom in front of a fancy mirror with a golden frame and a marble sink.

She added that ‘It’s good for all types of skin and has a subtle scent, love it!’

And that was not all! Teresa also posted another video in which she was actually using the product for her fans.


As she pumps it in her hand, she explains: ‘I just wanted to show you how the face wash foams up, just like this. I love a good foamy face wash.’


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