Teresa Giudice Says That 'Amazing' 14-Year-Old Daughter Milania Has Lost 40 Pounds - Here's How!

Teresa Giudice Says That 'Amazing' 14-Year-Old Daughter Milania Has Lost 40 Pounds - Here's How!
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Teresa Giudice revealed that her 14 year old daughter Milania feels better than ever, and also looks great after losing no less than 40 pounds! That being said, the proud mother also shared some tips and tricks with their fans as to how she did it!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star is very serious about her fitness so it makes sense that her offspring is following in her footsteps and focusing on health as well.

As it turns out, with a little bit of help from her mom in the beginning Milania managed to shed no less than 40 pounds!

While in attendance at the first edition of BravoCon, Teresa gave an interview to HollywoodLife, telling the news outlet about it all: ‘She told me, she’s like, “Mommy, can you get me a nutritionist? I said to her, ‘You want me to get you a nutritionist?’ And then at first she said no, but then when she was ready, she told me. And then I got her.’

Without a doubt, it is really not easy to stay in shape in the Giudice family since they are practically famous for their huge Italian Sunday dinners that always include calorie-filled meals such as pasta and meat as well as a lot of bread!

But according to Teresa, balance is the key: ‘Just eating right. I was getting her meals. I had a nutritionist come to the house and they did her macros and what she should be eating and we teamed up with this meal prep company, Brielle. That was amazing. And I’m making her meals and exercising. She’ll go to the gym with me and she did it.’


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