Teresa Giudice Says She Definitely Isn't Interested In A Long-Distance Relationship With Joe

Teresa Giudice Says She Definitely Isn't Interested In A Long-Distance Relationship With Joe
Credit: Source: EOnline.com

Back in January of this year, several sources who spoke with reporters from People Magazine said that Teresa Giudice was going to break off her romance with Joe Giudice due to the fact he was being deported by the United States government following his court case and subsequent incarceration on account of fraud charges.

During the taping of an episode of the Real Housewives Of New Jersey in the 9th season reunion, Teresa revealed she would leave Joe if he were to be deported because she's not interested in having a long-distance relationship.

"I'm not doing a long distance relationship," the Real Housewives Of New Jersey star said to the host of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. Teresa admitted she already knew what would happen, he'd be with other women, and she's not interested in trying to make such a relationship work.

Giudice also stated she would never move back to Italy with her four daughters whom she shares with Joe: Audriana, Miliania, Gabriella, and Gia, who are 10, 13, 15, and 18 respectively. Frankly, Joe has spent his entire life in the United States and so has Teresa.

They're not moving with their daughters to a country from which they never even lived in the first place. Joe, on the other hand, was actually born in Italy. He emigrated with the rest of his family as a young child.

Speaking on her daughter's situation, Teresa said the only way she'd go to Italy with her daughters is if they wanted to. But frankly, her oldest is going to college next year, so it's looking like it's simply not in the cards.

As followers of the family know, Joe and Teresa, both 46-years-old, first got married back in 1999. However, both parties were charged with varying levels of fraud, Joe suffered the worst of it as he had to pay several years in jail for his crimes.

In the past, Teresa was nothing but supportive of her husband, but the situation has become dire for herself and her teenage daughters, who simply can't pack up and move to Italy because they're at their most vulnerable stage right now in life.


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