Teresa Giudice Reveals That She Thinks Joe Giudice Cheated On Her

Teresa Giudice Reveals That She Thinks Joe Giudice Cheated On Her
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Teresa Giudice recently revealed a surprising confession about her marriage to Joe Giudice, who was deported back to his native Italy following his incarceration on fraud charges.

The video clip, captured by E! Online, features Teresa explaining the truth about her relationship with Joe which has been on the rocks ever since he was sent back to Italy.

In a previous episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Joe claimed Teresa was the one to sign the document because he didn't want to get married in the first place. This comment made Teresa infuriated. She later said she was the "perfect f*cking wife."

According to Teresa, Joe once had a telephone that he used separately to the main one he owned so he could contact another woman. Eventually, she discovered the device and confronted him about it during a telephone conversation.

Giudice stated that Gia was three at the time, and when she found out, she believed Joe's denial. But looking back on it now, she feels as though she probably should've just left the marriage then. Giudice's cast-members were shocked to hear her say this because they've always known her as the devoted wife.

Joe Gorge asks her if she thought Joe cheated on her or not, and Teresa said in response, "Yeah, now I do." As it was previously reported, trouble in their marriage first started coming to its logical conclusion when they revealed they had split up in December.

Joe had to go back to his native Italy in October after sitting for five months in ICE's custody. Before that, Joe was sitting in prison on fraud charges. Even though their relationship isn't what it once was, Teresa and Joe have still managed to keep it amicable for the sake of their daughters together.

In fact, Teresa took her four children to visit Joe in Italy late last year. The reality star stated that she was so happy to see her daughters with their father again. Later, Joe was spotted hanging out with a group of women on the beach.

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