Teresa Giudice Reveals She Hasn't Slept With Anyone For Almost Three Years

Teresa Giudice Reveals She Hasn't Slept With Anyone For Almost Three Years
Source: TVQC.com

Teresa Giudice hasn't had a romantic evening in quite a long time. The star of Real Housewives Of New Jersey went on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and dished on how she hasn't slept with Joe since he had to go to prison in March 2016.

During his show on the 7th of November, Andy Cohen said there have always been rumors she and Joe would get divorced, and now that Joe has spent some time in prison, "my poor girl hasn't had sex in a long time because there are no conjugal visits."

The 46-year-old smiled and said, "yes, two years and seven months." According to the star of Real Housewives of New Jersey, whenever she visits her husband in jail, she gives him a kiss, but even that seems a little too much for the public to see. Giudice doesn't like public displays of affection.

Teresa said to the 50-year-old host that she doesn't like doing that sort of thing in front of other people.  As fans of the couple know, Teresa and Joe share four daughters together, Audriana, Milania, Gabriella, and Gia, 9, 12, 14, and 17, respectively. Ever since Joe went to prison, they've had a difficult time adjusting.

Giudice was released from prison in December 2015 following an 11-month sentence, and Joe is currently finishing his 41-month term  - he's due for release in March 2019.

Despite her struggles raising their four daughters, a source who discussed the Giudice family earlier said that "there's a good chance their relationship is over. And Teresa has gotten over not having Joe around, so it's not that big of a deal."

On Instagram, Teresa said in January that she was seeking advice from a divorce attorney, but their family lawyer later said that a divorce wasn't happening.

Previously, Teresa asked Luann De Lesseps whether it was challenging to go through a divorce while on TV. On Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen , she addressed those questions: "I shouldn't have asked, but my girlfriend was with me, and she was going through a divorce."

As it was previously reported, a judge said Joe would have to leave the United States back to Italy in October. However, he and his attorney intend to appeal that ruling.


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