Teresa Giudice Reveals She ‘Has No Idea’ If She’ll Remain Married To Felon Hubby Joe

Teresa Giudice Reveals She ‘Has No Idea’ If She’ll Remain Married To Felon Hubby Joe
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The reality TV star revealed that she is not at all sure whether or not her relationship with her felon husband will retake its course once he returns home. ‘Will I still be married to Joe in 40 years? I’ve no idea. You don’t know what life will bring,’ Teresa Giudice stated about her marriage lasting.

As fans of the celeb certainly remember, Giudice herself spent almost a year in prison for bankruptcy and fraud.

Her husband, however, was sentenced to three years behind bars.

It was his questionable business decisions that ultimately brought them in front of the law.

Because of that, Teresa revealed that she is still pretty angry at her hubby but that she is also quite sympathetic.

‘I know he did not mean to do it intentionally, but I am still mad at the situation. He should’ve been on top of everything!’

Teresa went on to reveal that the man is filled with regrets and would always cry when visiting her in prison.

In her tell-all titled Standing Strong, the reality TV star opened up more about her time in prison and the sad incidents that led her to be there for 11 months.

Even though she claims she hasn’t really thought about dumping Joe, her mother’s death has definitely changed her view on life.

All in all, Giudice was not sure whether or not she’ll remain married to Joe but she stated that he'd have his chance to ‘do amazing’ and fix everything.

As for the dating rumors, she denied having a boyfriend and added that she’s never believed Joe cheated either.

Until Joe comes back home and she can decide whether or not their marriage is worth saving, Teresa is going to continue focusing on her kids and career.

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