Teresa Giudice Reportedly Feels ‘Embarrassed’ Now That The Whole Hair Pulling Incident Has Aired On RHONJ!

Teresa Giudice Reportedly Feels ‘Embarrassed’ Now That The Whole Hair Pulling Incident Has Aired On RHONJ!
Credit: Source: bravotv.com

Watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey finale has apparently caused Teresa Giudice to feel embarrassed about her actions, more precisely her role in the whole hair pulling situation! As fans of the show are aware, she admitted to encouraging Danielle Staub to pull Margaret Joseph’s hair!

Now, it looks like she regrets it and feels embarrassed about it but could that lead to her exiting RHONJ or not?

One insider told HollywoodLife that ‘This week’s finale episode was really hard for Teresa to watch. She was very embarrassed and angry and she is so ready to move on from this season and to the next. In zero way's this making her not want to come back. She loves RHONJ and has no plans to walk away despite the backlash she has received from the episode.’

‘She’s happy her castmates have supported her since walking away from the friendship to Danielle. She's confident that she and Marge will eventually be fine again and gets why she is upset, but Teresa's still done with Danielle. They spoke at the reunion and she has no plans to speak to her again in the near future,’ they went on to dish.

As you may have seen, Teresa admitted her role in the hair pulling incident but also insisted that she was drunk and was barely paying any attention at the time.

Following the finale’s airing, Margaret expressed her shock and frustration over the fact that it was all planned beforehand.

She took to Twitter to write: ‘Well that was crazy…. I guess it wasn’t a knee jerk reaction, it was after the fact and premeditated [shocked emoji.]’

The episode also showed Teresa and the girls reuniting with Joe in Italy and as it seems, that was pretty hard to watch for her as well.

The source says that it was difficult for her to relieve the reunion although the trip was still very special.

In other words, it feels like a bitter-sweet moment for Teresa.


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