Teresa Giudice Opens Up About How Her And Joe's Daughters Reacted To Their Split

Teresa Giudice Opens Up About How Her And Joe's Daughters Reacted To Their Split
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Teresa and Joe Giudice are no longer a couple and now, the Real Housewives of New Jersey reveals how their four daughters reacted to the announcement! Splits can be really hard, especially if kids are involved so fans have been wanting to know how the Giudice girls are coping with their mom and dad’s separation.

Finally, Teresa is now opening up about it on the latest episode of the RHONJ After Show

As it turns out, the response was not what everyone else might have thought.

Asked how the girls felt about their parents’ decision to put an end to their marriage, the mother shared that the girls understood the situation!

Theresa stated that ‘They were fine with it. They didn’t say anything. They had nothing to say. I guess that if they were not happy with it, I would've heard about it. I didn’t hear anything so, I like that. No news is good news.’

In other words, they respect their parents’ choice to split, especially since what they really could not stand was actually their constant bickering that kept on happening leading up to it.

So in the end, it sounds like it was for the better as far as the girls are concerned.

‘Honestly, they’re good at aggravating each other. But when [dad] lashes out, I just wish my mom would keep quiet, just because he’s fighting for his life in there,’ Gia said during an episode of RHONJ back in January.

Her reaction followed a fight her parents had over the phone.

Besides, the two have technically been apart for many years due to their consecutive prison sentences and now Joe’s deportation problems.

When they reunited in Italy, Teresa admitted it felt weird to even share a bed with her husband after such a long time.

It soon became obvious for Joe as well that it was time for him to let Teresa go and for them to move on.


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