Teresa Giudice ‘Obsessed With Looking Young And Hot’ - Doesn't Care About Looking ‘Too Tan’ After Criticism

Teresa Giudice ‘Obsessed With Looking Young And Hot’ - Doesn't Care About Looking ‘Too Tan’ After Criticism
Credit: Source: realityblurb.com

Teresa Giudice created quite the uproar when a pic of her in a bathing suit looking way tanner than she should be, surfaced online. But the haters that were quick to mock her apparently did not phase the Real Housewives of New Jersey star at all!

One insider report by HollywoodLife states that the woman is just in love with the confidence spray tanning gives her.

As fans may know, it all started with Teresa showing off her bronzed skin during her New Year’s vacation in Jamaica, but instead of receiving praise, people started bashing her for going too far with tanning, regardless if it was natural or a spray tan.

Now, one source tells HollywoodLife that ‘She has always been into tanning — even doing endorsements for local Jersey companies over the years. Teresa gets spray tans at least a twice a week and never skips appointments. She does not think she looks too tan.’

They went on to explain that ‘Teresa has always been obsessed with looking young and hot,’ and her tanning sessions help her look that way. At least that is what she apparently thinks!

‘She got more into her looks and fitness while in prison and started working out multiple times in there. That is when she decided to change her lifestyle completely when she got out.’

After being released from prison, the Giudice matriarch made fitness and working out part of her daily life.

The insider also told the outlet that she wants to look her best for when her husband Joe completes his sentence.

Apparently, the man, who has also lost a lot of weight behind bars, loves the way his wife looks and doesn’t care about the haters’ opinions.

The same goes for Teresa, who only takes her hubby’s opinion into consideration.


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  • sam
    sam Jan 4, 2019 1:41 PM PST

    Theresa is so out of it anymore. Sorry girl but you are over now. Your sister in law shows what a wife should be.. And leave your brother alone all you do is nag nag nag

    BETTY Jan 4, 2019 12:02 PM PST

    Thats the norm for Italians, orange colored tans. Some look ok, but some dont.

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