Teresa Giudice Is Really Happy Her Ex Joe Giudice Is Starting A Boxing Career In Italy - Here's Why It's Benefiting Her!

Teresa Giudice Is Really Happy Her Ex Joe Giudice Is Starting A Boxing Career In Italy - Here's Why It's Benefiting Her!
Credit: Source: intouchweekly.com

While he’s still in Italy, Joe Giudice has apparently decided to pursue a new career as a celebrity boxer! As fans know, the man is currently still appealing his deportation order.

One insider report claims to know that his estranged wife, Teresa Giudice, with whom he shares four daughters, is rather supportive of his new career goals and even thinks that she has something to gain from him pursuing it as well!

Joe is trying to earn his money while still stuck in Italy due to his deportation case.

So, he thought that he could do just that by starting out as a celebrity boxer there!

As for why Teresa is happy about it, apparently she’s just relieved that he’s less likely to ask for spousal support if he’s gaining his own money.

After his problems with the law, he was allowed freedom while his deportation is being appealed but only in Italy!

The daughters as well as Teresa previously visited him in his native country and soon after, reports that Joe and Teresa are divorcing started appearing.

However, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star is yet to file the legal paperwork so they are technically still married.

During the show’s reunion episode, her brother Joe Gorga, as well as castmate Dolores Catania expressed concern that if she did file for divorce, Teresa’s husband would ask for spousal support.

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Teresa is really happy that Joe is working. She wasn’t sure what he’d be doing in Italy, but this gives her a lot of peace of mind and she’s being very supportive. She’s happy he’s bringing in his own income again, but also that he’s doing something he loves.’

Since announcing his new career journey on social media, Teresa can already see a big positive change in his mood, the insider also mentioned.

They went on to state that: ‘He got really into working out while away and he’s planning on trying to make a career out of this. Teresa is hoping him bringing in his own source of income will help her settlement with him, so she’s all for it.’


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