Teresa Giudice - Here's Why She Threw Wine On RHONJ Co-Star!

Teresa Giudice - Here's Why She Threw Wine On RHONJ Co-Star!
Credit: Source: people.com

As you may know, previous reports claimed that Teresa Giudice threw a glass of wine at a fellow RHONJ cast member while in attendance at sister-in-law Melissa Gorga’s fashion show! Apparently, the whole outburst was caught on camera since she was filming for the Bravo show at the time as well!

That being said, there have been two mysteries to be revealed.

First of all, who was Teresa’s victim but also, what sparked her extreme reaction?

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘There was a lot of drama captured on camera by the RHONJ cameras at the Envy Fashion Show last week. The most dramatic moment happened when Teresa was standing around talking to follow friend and cast member Jennifer Aydin.’

They went on to explain that ‘She threw a glass of water as she said she was trying to prove a point to Jennifer and the other housewives, regarding a fight that took place between Margaret [Josephs] and Danielle [Staub] last season when wine was thrown on the cast trip to Mexico. Jennifer then said, ‘OK, you made your point, you’re a crazy b***h,’ but in a playful manner. They weren’t fighting at all and you could tell that Jennifer was not expecting it.’

And since the other ladies were in a separate area at the time, Jennifer was the only one who saw the wine throwing.

Furthermore, Melissa was busy backstage, just helping the models get ready for the runway which means she was unaware this was taking place as well.

However, she apparently did confront her sister-in-law later on, telling her to ‘Just stop!’

The source stressed that Teresa was totally defending Danielle, something that frustrates the rest of the Housewives.

Teresa on the other hand, was really upset they were slamming Danielle, saying she borrows clothes and is broke.

At some point, she just had enough of the bad mouthing and just had to defend her.

After all, she couldn’t do it herself since she was the only one not invited to the event.


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