Teresa Giudice And Daughters Reportedly Preparing For Joe's Deportation!

Teresa Giudice And Daughters Reportedly Preparing For Joe's Deportation!
Credit: Source: radaronline.com

Joe Giudice might get deported and so, his family situation is very complicated. However, the main idea is that his wife Teresa is not planning on moving along with their four daughters to his native Italy.

That being said, the woman’s brother, Joe Gorga opened up during an interview with HollywoodLife, about how Teresa and the young ones are doing lately as they wait for the final decision regarding Joe Giudice's fate.

Apparently, the girls feel ‘worse than ever’ about the possible banishment of their father.

As you may know, Joe is being moved to a different facility in western Pennsylvania.

He’s already filed for an appeal and now all he can do is wait to learn his fate.

About Teresa and the girls, Gorga told the news outlet that ‘I think they are worse than ever, ’cause he is in a really bad spot. It’s worse than where he was. So, they are all really worried about him. And now it’s down to the wire, when he was away, he was doing his time. Okay, you are just going day by day, but now, any day now, it could be like you are done.’

The four daughters are ‘trying to get prepared. Life is gonna change. They want their dad around. They’re doing alright. She’s [Teresa] just been working a lot. But they need stability. They need their father around, she needs her… they need their family back. So they can move on in life.’

When asked about Teresa pretty much being a single mom for the past few years anyway, since Joe was behind bars, her brother admitted that she’s done a great job and she is ‘strong’ but she also ‘has her moments’ of weakness.

Of course, she needs to be strong for her girls, which is why she ‘puts up a front.’


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