Teresa And Joe Giudice's Divorce Finalized 9 Months After They Announce Split!

Teresa And Joe Giudice's Divorce Finalized 9 Months After They Announce Split!
Credit: Source: pagesix.com

It’s official! Teresa and Joe Giudice are no longer husband and wife by law either after they had already announced their split about nine months ago! The Real Housewives of New Jersey celebs are now free to do whatever they want, including date or even marry someone new.

As you might know, the childhood sweethearts tied the knot in 1999 and were married for two decades.

They also share four daughters.

After the divorce was finalized, one source told People that: ‘Joe and Teresa are in a great place and they are very supportive of one another. They have love for each other still, they just are not in love with each other.’

Obviously, since they are co-parents, Teresa and Joe Giudice will be keeping in touch regardless of their marriage coming to an end.

While on a podcast episode of Hollywood Raw back in June, Joe dished that ‘We are always on the phone, we talk. I was on the phone with her just a few minutes ago. Look, we have 4 kids, we have to talk. When you have 4 kids it’s a lot. I feel bad that she had to deal with them all on our own. I do what I can from here. I am always calling them; I am always talking to them.’

Sure enough, the four daughters are in quarantine with their mom while Joe is still stuck in Italy amid his deportation issues.

As for Teresa, she will soon be back shooting for the new season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey and one insider tells HollywoodLife that most of her storyline will be focusing on her new life after the divorce from Joe Giudice!

Obviously, however, single or not, dating for Teresa is still pretty difficult due to the COVID-19 restrictions put in place so it will be interesting to see how she goes about meeting new people amid a global pandemic.


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