Teresa And Joe Giudice - Will She And The Girls Visit Him In Prison This Christmas?

Teresa And Joe Giudice - Will She And The Girls Visit Him In Prison This Christmas?
Credit: Source: eonline.com

As many fans of Real Housewives of New Jersey know, Joe Giudice is still serving his sentence in prison. That being said, will his wife, Teresa visit him on Christmas? According to E! News, while she will not be there for him on the day of, the reality TV star and their kids will be visiting Joe during the weekend.

James Leonard, Jr., the Giudices’ attorney, shared with the outlet that ‘There will be a visit to Joe this weekend. Everyone's looking forward to seeing him for the holiday.’

Afterward, Teresa and her four daughters with Joe, Audriana, 9, Milania, 13, Gabriella, 14 and Gia 17, will be leaving together on a ‘tropical’ trip.

Meanwhile, you may know that Joe has a lot more to worry about than his family going on a vacation without him!

Back in October, a judge decided that after serving his sentence, Joe will be deported back to his native country – Italy – meaning that he would never be able to come back to the U.S. and be with his kids and wife.

The man is expected to be released in March of 2019 and then transferred into ICE custody.

After the court decision, one insider told E! News that ‘Teresa is devastated at the bad news that Joe would be deported. Even though she knew this was a possible outcome, Teresa convinced herself Joe would not be deported to Italy. Teresa and Joe have no plan in place as to what to do next in their marriage, even though she's committed to finding a way and make this situation work for her family.’

That being said, the source at the time made it very clear that she would most likely not move with him as she hates 'uprooting' their daughters from America and also leaving her old father behind.


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