'Temptation Island' Star Evan Smith's Life Has Been Full Of Tragedy

'Temptation Island' Star Evan Smith's Life Has Been Full Of Tragedy
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USA Network has rebooted the once-controversial Fox reality dating show Temptation Island, and the January 15th premiere will feature four new couples that are in a vulnerable time in their relationship, plus twenty-four love-hungry singles that are ready to steal hearts.

One of the couples appearing on the show is Evan Smith and Kaci Campbell, who went to rival high schools, but then connected before they went to college. Over the last decade, Smith and Campbell have been on-again, off-again, but they have always believed in one another, and she is ready for marriage and kids. But he can’t bring himself to propose.

According to Radar Online , one of the reasons Smith might be having so much trouble with relationships and commitment is because of his tragic family history.

Back in May 2012, Evan’s father Gavin - a film distribution executive for 20th Century Fox - went missing after he was seen leaving a female friend’s house in Ventura County.

In February 2013, investigators found Gavin’s car in a storage locker that belonged to a man named John Creech, and on May 1, 2014, Gavin was pronounced legally dead.

However, in October 2014, hikers came across Gavin’s remains, and it was discovered that he had been murdered by Creech - a drug dealer who was the husband of Gavin’s mistress, Chandrika Cade.

Chandrika and Gavin started having an affair in 2008, but the romance quickly ended when Gavin’s wife Lisa found out and confronted him about the infidelity. But, by 2010, Gavin and Chandrika were emailing again, and they decided to get back together.

When Lisa found out that the affair had continued, she drove two of her sons over to John’s house to let him know about what she had discovered, and this led to John murdering Gavin by beating him to death.

John ended up being sentenced to 11 years in prison for voluntary manslaughter.

“He wouldn’t man up to what he did,” Lisa told the court. “Eleven years isn’t enough, but I understand that’s the maximum you can give him.”

Evan also said that his father’s death “turned his life upside down.”

“I suffer from PTSD now because of this man in this courtroom,” he said, adding that John “savagely ripped my dad out of my life.”

Evan Smith will discuss Gavin’s death on this season of Temptation Island, which premieres January 15th on USA.

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