Tekashi69's Manager Surrenders To Police Following New York City Restaurant Shooting

Tekashi69's Manager Surrenders To Police Following New York City Restaurant Shooting
Credit: Source: TheMaven.net

Tekashi69's posse of troublemakers just got taken down a peg, because one of his crew members turned himself into the authorities in New York City. Sources who spoke with TMZ claimed that the rapper's manager, Shottie, surrendered to police earlier today.

According to multiple witnesses, Shottie played a role in the escalation of the confrontation between the rapper's entourage as well as his record label's security guards.

Guns reverberated through the streets of New York when Tekashi and his crew tried to get into a restaurant where 6ix9ine - or Daniel Hernandez - was scheduled to meet with Elliot Grainge, a recording industry executive.

Elliot's bodyguards denied the entrance of two of Tekashi's friends, which led to the instigation of a brawl by other members of the group. In the end, an unidentified man ended up getting shot.

TMZ reported that Shottie was one of three men who became aggressive and belligerent, striking one of Grainge's guards with a chair. Moreover, witnesses claim the man said to them, "I'm going to violate you both with gunshots."

Reportedly, Elliot's bodyguard saw one of the rapper's friends reach for something in his pants, prompting him to open fire immediately. A man in Takashi's group was hit in the stomach, while the other men, including Shottie, fled the scene.

Later on, the attorney for Tekashi's manager said that nothing had occurred, and his client had zero involvement. He also added that the charges would inevitably be dropped.

This is just one of many problems in Daniel Hernandez's life recently, as a court and jury convicted him with using a "13-year-old for a sexual performance." He was given four years probation as a result.

Reports claim that Mr. Hernandez, 22, filmed a sexual encounter with a 13-year-old and then put the videos on the internet. In the video, a 13-year-old girl performs oral sex on him. Despite the allegations against the 22-year-old rising star, his career continues to grow. In 2018, he scored #4 on the Billboard 200 with his EP,  Day69. 

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