Tekashi69's Former Booking Agent Says His Claims Of Being Cheated Out Of Millions Of Dollars Are BS

Tekashi69's Former Booking Agent Says His Claims Of Being Cheated Out Of Millions Of Dollars Are BS
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A former representative for Tekashi69 says that the rapper has no idea what he's talking about. During a recent appearence on The Breakfast Club , Tekashi spoke about a deal in which he was supposedly cheated out of approximately $3.6 million.

According to the 22-year-old sex offender, the company, MTA Booking, stole millions of dollars from him, in a deal which only left him with a couple of hundred thousand dollars, a far cry from what he was supposed to get.

However, a spokesperson for the booking agency said there never was a $3.6 million deal, although, admittedly, there were discussions of the potential for the agreement; but it never came to fruition.

According to the rep who spoke with TMZ News, MTA and Tr3way Entertainment went far and beyond providing for Tekashi69, including security, travel, as well as transportation.

They worked 24/7 for him, and always made sure he made it on time to his court appearances. The spokesperson explained that they had booked 9 US shows, two of which were in Mexico.

For those concerts, Tekashi was paid approximately $700,000 as a deposit, and there were 5 in Germany already booked and he was given $160,000 for those.

As a result of his comments on The Breakfast Club , MTA Booking is now considering legal action. Tekashi has supposedly tarnished their reputation in the business.

Lance Lazzaro, Tekashi69's lawyer, slammed the company, saying to reporters from TMZ that MTA had never gotten an official signature from Tekashi69 on any of the shows they booked.

"Their cooperation has been very limited," Lazarro explained. His attorney-at-law went on to say that he would take anything the company says with a large "grain of salt." Furthermore, the company will no longer book shows for him either.

As you may know, this is just one of many problems the 22-year-old rapper has run into lately. While his self-promotional skills have fostered a successful career for himself, one wonders how long Tekashi69 can go on following allegations of sexual abuse, violence, deals gone wrong, and restaurant shootings.

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