Tekashi 6ix9ine Will Be Home In A Few Months, Despite His Two-Year Prison Sentence

Tekashi 6ix9ine Will Be Home In A Few Months, Despite His Two-Year Prison Sentence
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A judge sentenced Tekashi 6ix9ine to two years in federal prison this week, plus five years of supervised release. But, the Gummo rapper will still be home in just a few months from now because he is getting credit for time served.

According to The Blast , Tekashi 6ix9ine - whose real name is Daniel Hernandez - will get credit for the 13 months he has already spent behind bars while waiting for his sentencing. And, that means he will be released in November 2020.

Hernandez was facing decades in federal prison after he pleaded guilty, but it looks like he got some leniency after snitching on other members of the Nine Trey Bloods gang by testifying against them in court.

In addition to his two year sentence and five years of supervised release, the judge also ordered Hernandez to complete 300 hours of community service after his release. And, he must also pay a $35,000 fine.

"Mr Hernandez, the worst part is over. There is a great deal to be admired about you. You're learned a hard lesson here. I wish you very very well,” said the judge after announcing the Kooda rapper’s sentence.

Tekashi 6ix9ine also spoke in court today, but he said he didn’t really know where to start. He explained that he couldn’t describe this past year, and he denounced being Nine Trey before he was arrested.

“I was aware that the mother of my child was having sexual relations with Kifano Jordan. Via text messages. I was already kidnapped by Anthony Ellison,” said Hernandez.

He also talked about how meeting with kids who are battling cancer has changed his life, and explained that if they can be strong, he can be strong. He added that when people see him, they don’t only see Tekashi 69, the arrogant. Instead, they see Daniel Hernandez because he is human, and he has organs just like everyone else in the room.

Hernandez’s lawyer said that Hernandez is “not a bad kid” when you get to know him. They added that if the judge would give him a second chance, he would never see him again.

One of his victims who was shot in the foot was also allowed to speak at the court hearing, and Hernandez apologized for what had happened to her. He also took full responsibility, saying that he put himself in that position from day one and it was his decision to allow them in.

After his sentencing, Tekashi 6ix9ine was escorted out of the courtroom by U.S. Marshalls, and he will serve his sentence in a New York federal prison.

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