Tekashi 69's Legal Team Reportedly Believes He Can Be Released By September

Tekashi 69's Legal Team Reportedly Believes He Can Be Released By September
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Tekashi 69's fans will be happy to learn that his legal team is quite optimistic regarding his release from prison. The Shade Room cites TMZ with the latest information on the subject.

The Shade Room wrote that the rapper has plans to leave prison as early as this September.

'Since his arrest last year in November, Tekashi has been working with law enforcement to get a reduced sentence, and his efforts could potentially pay off,' according to TSR.

TMZ reported that Tekashi’s attorney Dawn Florio, firmly believes that his chances of getting out of jail this year are incredibly high.

Most people probably know by now that Tekashi and his crew were arrested on racketeering charges.

On the other hand, with the help of Tekashi, prosecutors have been able to put away almost all of his former associates.

This move attracted a lot of hate being directed towards the young rapper from the whole community who started calling him a 'snitch.'

People have been debating the 'snitching' situation in the comments section.

Someone said 'Y’all sound dumb - if someone was facing that many years of course snitch...why should he be sitting in jail for people he doesn't care about?'

Another follower said 'Everyone calling him a rat but who really wants to spend 30 years covering for “friends”?'

One person wrote 'I see people saying “I would snitch too” but y’all missing it. This kid claimed to be so hard and so gangsta, but when it came down to the wire he broke the number one code of the streets (he claimed to live by) and that was snitching. Long story short, practice what you preach. 🤷🏾‍♂️'

A commenter had this to say: 'We don’t care🙄 Leave him in there if all he’s going to do when he comes out is be problematic...we don’t need any more ignorance & violence in the hip-hop community.'

It was recently reported that Tekashi was in court not too long ago and he looked good at his hearing .

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