Tekashi 69's Label Lost $500k Following The Music Video Shooting - Tekashi Slams 50 Cent

Tekashi 69's Label Lost $500k Following The Music Video Shooting - Tekashi Slams 50 Cent
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It was reported just a little while ago that while Tekashi 69 and Kanye West were filming for a video, there have been shots fired, and reportedly they were supposed to hit Nicki Minaj's dressing room. Luckily, she was not there.

New surveillance footage has been released by TMZ , and the video shows a vehicle that’s pulling up to the location where the two rappers were awaiting for Nicki Minaj’s arrival, reports Hot New Hip Hop.

‘The footage isn’t grainy, but from the distance, the video was being shot, the hooded figures are pretty to make out. But don’t think for a second there isn’t a solution contained somewhere in the extensive field of nanotechnology,’ the outlet writes.

At 10:30 in the evening, one hooded person says to another, ‘We got 30 seconds,’ and the other responds, ‘Ok.’ After that, they raise their guns over the wall and get to firing,’ according to the same outlet.

After the shooting, Universal Music Group has reportedly pulled the plug on the video.

Other than this, Tekashi posted something then deleted the post on Instagram. He told his followers that he would 'f^^k up 50 Cent.'

The Hot New Hip Hop reported that 50 Cent wrote after that: 'Aww f**k they are turning my son against me.'

'I told him I'd slap the color out his hair, then knock the tattoos off his face but I didn’t mean it.'

50 Cent continued 'You know he thinks he’s me smh I wasn’t this bad before I sold 30 million records.'

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