Tekashi 69's Girlfriend Jade Posts Racy Photo With The Young Rapper From Behind The Bars - See It Here: 'He's Good, Luv'

Tekashi 69's Girlfriend Jade Posts Racy Photo With The Young Rapper From Behind The Bars - See It Here: 'He's Good, Luv'
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Tekashi 69 is still in prison after the many accusations that have been brought to him. His lawyer is reportedly trying the get the rapper out on bail, and he's offering the judge 1,5 million dollars, according to the latest reports.

The rapper has been blasted by fans back in December for taking more care of his GF Jade than of his own daughter that he has with his baby mama Sara.

69 does take care of his new girlfriend, Jade. He gifted  her a car for Christmas , and she was showing it off in a video.

Before Christmas, for Jade’s birthday, Tekashi  gifted her a gorgeous Rolex . She made sure to flaunt it all over social media, thanking the rapper.

Tekashi’s fans and also random celebrities made their opinion public about the new lady in his life, and they don't really love Jade too much, calling her a 'clout chaser.'

It seems that the rapper did not send anything for Christmas to his daughter , despite the fact that he gifted Jade the gorgeous car.

TMZ made sure to report that Tekashi has not been in contact at all with Sara and Saraiyah since he is in jail.

But, on the other hand, the latest reports coming from The Shade Room show the world that Jade is visiting her man and she made sure to take a pic with him which she posted on her social media account.

In the photo, she's hugging and kissing him, and he's grabbing her behind, as you can see.

'If you really love him keeeeeeeeeep going to see him and STAND by Him God Bless and Good Luck' someone told Jade.

Another follower said 'Oh hellll nawwwww 69 did not just leave his baby mama alone to go with this mole rat 😂 ugh what a cringe. Especially for a female that tries so hard. Um, girl, that caption is so embarrassing that’s😩 why Sara not tripping on you cause you making yourself look so ignorant and foolish. Ugh, girl, I feel so sorry for you. I EVEN feel embarrassed for you.😭 You only knew him for like 3 days? Lmaooooo ugh I love social media and the stupidity that’s going on.'

Tekashi's trial is set for September, this year.

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