Tekashi 69’s Case News: El Chapo's 'Nephew' Reportedly Threatened Tekashi's Family In A Voicemail Recording

Tekashi 69’s Case News: El Chapo's 'Nephew' Reportedly Threatened Tekashi's Family In A Voicemail Recording
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TMZ recently published a report which reveals that the Federal Authorities have all the evidence that they need to put away the rapper for a really long time. They seem to have footage which links 69 to all kinds of crimes such as armed robberies.

TMZ reports that ‘According to the docs, cops grabbed videos from phones belonging to 6ix9ine or crew members and matched them with surveillance videos of an April 3 armed robbery in Brooklyn. They say the images prove Shotti pulled the robbery, and cops believe Tekashi watched from the street and recorded video.’

Now, more news comes to the surface. It seems that the rapper was dead worried about his family when he found himself in prison.

A voicemail surfaced online, and this may be linked to 69's concerns.

In it, his mother's status in America is threatened by a man who claims to be El Chapo's nephew.

Jose Avila has reportedly left a 49-second voicemail on November 15 after the rapper failed to show up to an event which he was promoting in Austin, Texas.

Avila reportedly threated to use all of his connections and put 69 in jail. At the time, the rapper was on probation for his child sex case, reports Hot New Hip Hop.

'His brother lives there. His mother lives there. She doesn’t even have no f**king papers,' Avila can reportedly be heard saying.

He continued, 'I know a lot of government people, and I’m going to send his ass to jail if he doesn’t come to Austin, Texas, today. He f**king makes me lose money already. He needs to f***king come and be a fucking man. Or I’ll put his ass in jail.'

HNHH reported that El Chapo's attorney, Jeffrey Lichtman denied knowing of any nephew by that name. Anyway, Tekashi's overall situation is far from looking optimistic.

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