Tekashi 69's Baby Mama, Sara Molina Defends The Rapper: 'He's Not A Pedophile' - Watch The Video

Tekashi 69's Baby Mama, Sara Molina Defends The Rapper: 'He's Not A Pedophile' - Watch The Video
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Tekashi 69 has been accused of so many things that people have started to lose count by now. His baby mama, Sara Molina herself has recently accused him of violence against her in front of their daughter and more just recently.

The young woman has recently addressed their relationship, his way of being, the fact that he abused her physically and she also made sure to say that he’ll be out in no time.

Sara Molina talked in an interview about Tekashi’s guilty plea , and she basically says that he won’t be doing time after he ‘snitched.’

She also said that Tekashi is a narcissist and he manipulated her and many other people a lot of times.

‘He could definitely reinvent himself, I’ve seen him do it a million times,’ she said. ‘He’s like a culture vulture; he can adapt to anything.’

Now, during a live video, someone called her baby daddy a pedophile, and she jumped in his defense. You can check out what she had to say in the video below.

Someone commented 'I guess after everybody drags her about her like that still your daughter Father.'

Another follower blasted Sara and said: 'She’s the main snitch - he snitched cus his life is at risk. What’s her reason. 🤷🏻‍♀️'

Someone else posted 'Pfffff cuz pedos don’t be having whole families she sounds stupid he is one of them having a baby by him don’t change the facts 😂😑'

One person has another perspective over the whole thing: 'I think you gotta think deeper than this. She probably got offended cuz if it happened to true then wouldn’t she feel extremely disturbed that she slept with a pedophile? So she’s trying to clear his name cuz it could rub off on her.'

Someone else wants Sara to pick a side already: 'I need for her to pick a side fr. “He’s your child’s father, and you love him no matter what” or “ He snitched without thinking of me or his daughter's safety”'

What do you think about Sara's latest comments on Tekashi 69?

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