Tekashi 69's Baby Mama, Sara, Has A Breakdown On IG Live After The Rapper's Current GF, Jade Posts Racy Photo With Him In Jail - Watch The Heartbreaking Video

Tekashi 69's Baby Mama, Sara, Has A Breakdown On IG Live After The Rapper's Current GF, Jade Posts Racy Photo With Him In Jail - Watch The Heartbreaking Video
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Just the other day, we reported that Tekashi 69 got a pleasant visit in jail : his girlfriend, Jade. She made sure to mark the event by posting a photo in which he's grabbing her behind, and she hugs and kisses him.

Tekashi looked clean and neat, with his hair freshly braided and Jade looks happy as always. She also had a message that accompanied the photo, saying that 'he's good, luv.'

People are quite upset with the rapper, both celebrities, and fans because according to the latest rumors, he hasn't been in touch with his baby mama, Sara or their daughter since he's in jail.

It seems that for Christmas he did not send his baby girl anything, but instead he made sure to send his girlfriend a gorgeous car. This came right after he sent her a Rolex for her birthday.

Jade posted all the gifts that she got from him on her social media account to show them off to the world.

This only led to people calling her a clout chaser even more.

Now, 69's baby mama, Sara seems to have had enough and she did an Instagram live in which she was asking haters to leave her alone.

People have been calling his baby mama a clout chaser as well, and they have been saying that she only had the rapper's child because of who he is.

Sara explained to everyone that she's been with Tekashi for seven years even since before he was famous.

She said that she used to steal food from her mom and took it to 69 when he was not who he is today.

But now, she claims that he became the most horrible person. You can see in the video that the poor woman had a complete breakdown live on IG.

'In a matter of a year, I've seen everything fu*king make him the ugliest person ever,' said Sara.

She continued:'There's no reason why I should have to struggle or deal with any of this shit cause when it comes down to it, I should have done way more. I should have done way more to fu*k this n***a over.'

Someone posted 'he's in jail if he were out he would go right back to her like always. He always has. Jade is a just a clout chaser it won't last. If he goes for life, it won't last a year she be with the next dude with some cash.'

Another person supports Sara and wrote: 'Baby girl👏🏾! Get you an attorney! Get what you need for your daughter financially. Because he isn’t the type of guy, you want in your child’s life physically. She doesn’t need to know an evil man like that.'

Someone else told Sara 'You move on that's what you do and not crying like a jealous, desperate girl which means that jade is winning lol. Stop giving attention the to jade just focus on your daughter he would come around some day. On his own terms period.'

Another follower wrote that 'It’s crazy how everybody is drawing conclusions because she is crying, but nobody knows what really happened with them...smh just face the fact that y’all over and raise your kid...'

What do you think about all this? Should Sara get a lawyer and ask for child support?

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