Tekashi 69 Trial News: The Rapper Reportedly 'Looked Good' When He Took The Stand - Watch The Video

Tekashi 69 Trial News: The Rapper Reportedly 'Looked Good' When He Took The Stand - Watch The Video
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Tekashi 69 took a plea deal according to the reports, but this does not mean that his case is over.

It seems that the young rapper was in court the other day in order to determine whether Lance Lazarro who represented two of 69's co-defendants in the past can continue to represent him in the case.

After the hearing, Moe Gangat who runs Lawyer for Work offered an update for the public, telling people how the hearing went.

The man was reportedly in more of Tekashi's hearings, and he usually provided a recap after each one.

'Today’s court hearing was about whether or not Lance Lazzaro could continue to be 6ix9ine’s lawyer,' he said in the video.

He continued and said 'They had Tekashi come in and take the stand in this courthouse right here. And Tekashi looked good. He looked like he’s been working out. The hair dye has worn out, so his hair color’s back and the braids aren’t quite as tight or as thorough as they once were, but he looked good. He was responsive.'

He also talked about Shotti and said that he pleaded guilty to two of the charges.

Shotti’s real name is Kifano Jordan, and he was a member of the street group  Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods .

It seems that the man just pleaded ‘guilty to two firearms charges related to an armed robbery in Manhattan, and a non-lethal shooting in Brooklyn,’ according to Page Six.

Someone commented 'Ohh what happened to "Mr.We don't fold, we don't bend, we don't break, it's TREYWAY!" After a few months in jail that potential life sentence starts to look a little different huh Mr.Flexible!😂😂'

Another follower said 'Shotti was probably facing life if taken to trial. That's why he took his chances and pleaded guilty.'

One person bashed Gangat and said 'How about you just shut your mouth about this man case you’re the reason he’ll be killed on the street when he gets out. Stop trying to use your job to exploit the culture and just do your job I’m sure none of your other clients' cases aren’t as exploited as his.'

Stay tuned for more info on Tekashi's case.

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