Tekashi 69 Testifies In Court Against His Former Gang - See Some Questions And Answeres

Tekashi 69 Testifies In Court Against His Former Gang - See Some Questions And Answeres
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Tekashi 69 testified against his former gang the other day. The Shade Room revealed some of the questions and answers, and you can check out their post below.

Tekashi 69 told the authorities what they needed to hear the moment after he was busted by the federal agents for gang-related activity.

The rapper testified in court in Manhattan just the other day and you can check out some of the details.

Fans seem to be really supportive of him these days.

Somoene said: 'Did ya’ll forget those SAME FRIENDS put a hit out on him because he didn’t ‘do as told’ !!! Please, they were never loyal, so why does he owe them his? Just curious... ?! Honestly I'm afraid for anyone close to him, this is soo soo sad.'

One commenter wrote: 'He's putting his family in a bad way.. I pray his daughter stays protected.'

Someone else said: 'Here comes everyone calling him a snitch acting like yah live that life too 😂 yah calling him a snitch but yah would fold so hard 😂 none of yah can’t even get yourself in that situation cause You DONT LIVE THAT LIFE.'

A follower posted: 'Everybody is super tough and solid in these comments 😂but in reality, half of you would be in there telling too.'

A fan of tekashi jumped in the comments to defend his and said the following: 'People are so mad at this young man, calling him a snitch, but bottom line, the people he trusted MOST betrayed him and tried to set him up to get killed. They had wiretaps of Shotti planning to kill him. This man is young as hell and has a little baby girl, why should he throw his life away and sit in jail for 20 years or the rest of his life, just so people won't call him a rat or a snitch???'

One follower wrote: 'He owes himself and his daughter more. Why should she have to visit him in prison for the rest of her childhood. IF THIS SHOWS US ANYTHING it shows us how fake people in the music industry are, look how quickly they switched up on him. At the end of the day, he doesn't need to "keep it real". He needs to think of his daughter and I think that's exactly what he's doing.'

What do you think about Tekashi's case?

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