Tekashi 69 Has Been Reportedly Relocated After Viral Video Caused Leaking His Location

Tekashi 69 Has Been Reportedly Relocated After Viral Video Caused Leaking His Location
Credit: BET

It's been just revealed that Tekashi 69 is not laying low anymore. There's a video of him flexing on the balcony that is making its rounds after a neighbor spotted him and uploaded a video on social media.

As you know by now, the young rapper is doing the rest of his sentence at home. The Shade Room is here with more details of what happened.

TSR writes that tekashi is already being relocated to a new house to serve the remaining of his sentence.

'As we previously reported, Tekashi 69 was outed by one of his neighbors, who spotted him taking photos on his balcony and she couldn't keep the information to herself! After the video she took of him surfaced online, it wasn't long before 69's address was leaked,' TSR writes.

TSR continued and revealed, 'Now, Tekashi's attorney has confirmed with @TMZ_tv that he is being relocated since his location has been compromised.'

Someone said: 'Imagine saying you’re “The King of New York” but you have to be relocated by the police,' and another follower posted this message: 'I told y’all! He is going to be dipping and dodging for the rest of his life!!! 😩 Y’all happy over some numbers, this man is in hidingggg!'

Someone else said: 'But no one has anything to say about Zimmerman's location STILL,' and someone else said: 'He is setting another record with the fastest to relocate after a day.'

Another follower posted this: 'Duh 😭 idk why y’all think that one video is the reason he moved....he probably has several locations he stays frequently. He can’t risk living in 1 place. I don’t even think he was staying there.'

One other follower said: 'This is what happens to snitches. The feds keep relocating you so you won’t be seen, but he wants to be seen, so I’m lost.'

Stay tuned for more Tekashi-related news.

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