Tekashi 69 Could Get Out Of Jail In November - Find Out The Latest Details On His Case

Tekashi 69 Could Get Out Of Jail In November - Find Out The Latest Details On His Case
Credit: BET

Tekashi 69's fans will be crazy with joy to learn that their favorite rapper could be getting out of prison the very next month. The Shade Room revealed more details on the rapper's situation.

They just reported that 69 could get out as early as November if things continue to go in the right direction.

'A letter was filed by the government to have Tekashi’s sentencing date pushed up, and he will likely receive time served in exchange for his testimony that helped lock up many of his former gang members. As of now, Tekashi’s new court date is set for DEC 18th,' according to TSR's notes.

While some people are already celebrating, others are not so hasty. They say that they fear for the rapper's safety when he gets out of jail.

You may be aware by now of the fact that Tekashi talked to the feds about the gang members who were once his affiliates and this made a lot of people in the music industry mad at him, and calling him a 'snitch.'

The Internet is already flooded with various memes showing Tekashi snitching about all kinds of hilarious subjects.

Someone commented: 'I truly and honestly fear for his well being,' and one fan said: 'That first video will always crack me up. This kid is hilarious.'

Another person posted: 'If this man ends up dead, it’s high key y’all fault cuz booooy y’all be talkin! 😴'

Someone else wrote: 'I guess so after he has turned the entire Country in😂😂😂😂'

It was recently revealed that according to a report from the LosAngelesTimes.com, the  Get Rich Or Die Tryin ‘ rapper, 50 Cent, is now gearing up to begin filming for a docu-series regarding the recent actions of the New York artist, Tekashi.

This should be pretty interesting and people in the music industry are really curious about the project if the rumors turn out to be true.

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