Tekashi 69 Claims His Girlfriend Jade Can Become 'Bigger Than Cardi B' - Watch The Video

Tekashi 69 Claims His Girlfriend Jade Can Become 'Bigger Than Cardi B' - Watch The Video
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Tekashi 69 introduced his new GF to Tory Lanez in a conversation that has been shared via live streaming. During this talk, the focus shifted to Tekashi's new girl's potential to become extremely successful in the music industry.

Tekashi said that she would definitely need his help to begin, but then he insisted that she's become really famous, and he went as far as claiming that she'd surpass Cardi B's success.

Tory Lanez shared a bit of their conversation in which both of them were engaged in a disagreement.

Tekashi explained that he could just ghostwrite for Jade: 'I'll write her some sh*t. I'll be like,'Yo, Jade. You know what? You gon' rap today.'

When he was asked whether he thinks Jade 'will go like Cardi B,' he said: 'She'll go bigger.'

Lanez then claimed that it takes more than rapping skills to rise to the high level of success achieved by Cardi.

'Jade, no disrespect to you, but you're not gonna go like Cardi B. People love Cardi B's personality. She's somebody that came from the dirt and rise up, and you can't take that away from her.'

We'll just have to wait and see whether Tekashi's GF will rise like this.

Tekashi has been recently accused by his former agency, MTA, of lying .

In a video in which he appears to be extremely stressed out, Tekashi recently spoke in front of the camera and revealed that his American tour had been canceled.

At The Breakfast Club, he claimed that he only received about $300,000 of an alleged $3.5 million deal and that's why he fired his team and canceled his concerts.

MTA is denying Tekashi’s claims, and a rep said that there wasn’t such a deal in the first place.

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