Teen Who Received Sexting Messages From Anthony Weiner Speaks Out — 'I Was Disgusted'

Teen Who Received Sexting Messages From Anthony Weiner Speaks Out — 'I Was Disgusted'
Source: Inside Edition

The teen who was caught up in the midst of a sexting scandal with New York Congressman Anthony Weiner is speaking to Inside Edition . The episode will air on September 11, 2017, and though Inside Edition is withholding her name, they have chosen to show her face.

She spoke about how she first made contact with Weiner, how she felt when their conversations turned into sexting messages, and why she texted him in the first message. According to the teen, she initially made contact with Weiner by sending him a direct message via Twitter.

The unidentified teen said she wanted to make contact with Weiner because Hillary Clinton was running for president. It appeared she wanted to find out if Weiner was still involved in inappropriate behavior with underage girls.

She sent him a message, made contact with him, and according to her report, it didn't take long before the conversation devolved into sexual content. The teen said that she was disgusted by what she was reading.

Inside Edition stated some of Weiner's sexting messages were so obscene they could not be aired on television. She also speaks about how the scandal changed her life.

The teenager is 15-years-old and is from North Carolina. Weiner's wife Huma Abedin  filed for divorce in 2017 and separated from him following the sexting scandal.

According to the teenager's account, she played along with the inappropriate sexting to see how far it would go. She couldn't believe how willing Weiner was to engage in sexting behavior online.

It wasn't until he shared a photo of himself without a shirt on that include his and Huma Abedin's son that she was not only disgusted but had enough. She eventually told her story and the scandal exploded.

Some feel that Weiner's actions contributed to Hillary Clinton's loss at the presidency.

This is not Weiner's first run with the law or a sexting scandal. He was first caught up in a Twitter sexting scandal in 2011. Anthony Weiner will be sentenced on September 25, 2017, for transferring obscene material to a minor.

He will most likely be required to register as a sex offender. Ironically, as a Congressman, Anthony Weiner helped pass sex offender legislation that he will now be subject to.


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