Teen Mom Valerie Fairman has Passed Away from an Overdose

Teen Mom Valerie Fairman has Passed Away from an Overdose
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Sad news for the Teen Mom fans

Star of 16 & Pregnant in 2010, Valerie Fairman, has passed away because of a drug overdose after years of battling addiction.

According to her brother, Robert Rivera, the 23 year old mother died unexpectedly in Coatesville Pennsylvania. Valerie has left behind her 7 year old daughter Naveah.

Although the Chester County Coroner’s Office was unable to identify the cause of death immediately, it was later confirmed to be drug overdose.

“I don’t have any information to release about her at this time,” said the coroner at the time.

Fairman has been struggling with drug abuse for years and she was even arrested for prostitution 2015. The addiction was out of control and it slowly ruined her life. She was however determined to get sober and she’s been in rehab multiple times.

Rivera and Stashon Smith, a close friend of Valerie stated that recently she had decided to do her best in order to sober up.

“She was fighting the fight. She appeared in the right mindset. But the struggle was always there,” shared Rivera.

Valerie has left behind her parents, friends and beloved daughter.

“She loved Naveah,” Rivera says.

Former co-stars on 26 & Pregnant, Jenelle Evans and Chelsea Houska were shocked by their friend’s death and were deeply saddened by the tragic news.

“I told her I’m proud of her and looks like she’s doing good,” Evans tweeted yesterday morning just before the news of her dying were made public.

It looks like Valerie was affected by the attention she received because she was on the show. Fame did not make her happy – on the contrary, according to friends Karla Bowers, she found the popularity “overwhelming.”

“Being on the show got to her,” said Bowers, adding that the young mother felt “judged.”

“[Imagine] people constantly spewing lies about you, talking down on you. Look at Amber and Leah! Both went on 16 & Pregnant, and ended up with drug problems.”


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