Teen Mom - The Shocking Video From The Night Of Amber Portwood's Arrest Has Surfaced And It Proves She Lied

Teen Mom - The Shocking Video From The Night Of Amber Portwood's Arrest Has Surfaced And It Proves She Lied
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When police arrested Teen Mom star Amber Portwood on the morning of July 5th after an alleged domestic violence incident, it was a tale of “he said, she said” between her and her baby daddy, Andrew Glennon. But now, the entire video from that night has surfaced, and it proves Portwood wasn’t telling the truth about what happened.

ICYMI, Portwood was arrested after she and Glennon had a blowout fight when they weren’t able to make it to a 4th of July fireworks show they had planned to attend with their one-year-old son James.

Eventually, the fight escalated, and Glennon claimed that Portwood swallowed an entire bottle of pills before she went after him with a machete while he was holding James. After Portwood’s arrest, Glennon was officially done with the relationship, and he immediately filed a restraining order to keep her away from him and James. He also requested an emergency hearing to gain sole custody of their son.

However, during the Teen Mom reunion special in early September, Portwood told Dr. Drew Pinsky her side of the story. She claimed that she didn’t have a machete, and she called Glennon “insane.”

“Like, I literally opted out of drug court a long time ago to put myself in prison to help myself,” said Portwood. “Why would I jeopardize...you haven’t heard sh*t from me since then. Haven’t got in trouble one time. But, all of a sudden, I’m running after my kid and him with a machete? You’re insane.”

Now it turns out that the cinematographer isn’t as insane as Portwood claimed. In a video posted by Katie Joy from the YouTube channel Without A Crystal Ball, the entire night plays out via the couple’s Ring surveillance cameras. And, Portwood is clearing hacking at the bathroom door with some kind of object while Glennon is holding James on the other side, trying to prevent her from getting in.

There are three strikes heard on the video. And, not only does Glennon say it’s a machete, Portwood doesn’t disagree.

“Oh you're going to get a f***ing machete out?” asked Glennon, as Portwood replied, “Yup uh-huh.”

“What the f*** is wrong with you? You need help. You're eating all your f***ing [Klonopin] medication?' Andrew asked. “Nice one, babe. Real motherly. Very, very good. You're going to be a good mom, eating all your f***ing medication, saying you're going to kill yourself. Do I need to call an ambulance?”

The video is shocking, as Portwood goes off on Glennon and throws all of his sentimental items from his late father and grandfather outside on the porch. It’s a sad case of domestic violence, but Portwood was able to reach a plea deal with prosecutors - pleading guilty to domestic battery and intimidation - and she managed to avoid jail time. Instead, Portwood must serve 906 days of probation, and if she successfully completes it, the charges will be reduced to a misdemeanor.

Portwood must also complete court-ordered parenting classes, the 26-week Batterers’ Intervention Program, and submit to random drug testing.

Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon are still fighting over custody over James, who is currently in Glennon’s care.


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