Teen Mom Stars Cory Wharton And Cheyenne Floyd Vacation Together As Fans Beg Them To Get Together Already

Teen Mom Stars Cory Wharton And Cheyenne Floyd Vacation Together As Fans Beg Them To Get Together Already
Credit: Spurce: E Online

Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton might be on the verge of getting back together — at least that's what Teen Mom fans are hoping. The two recently enjoyed a family vacation in Jamaica with their daughter, Ryder, sparking rumors that they might be ready to make amends and rekindle their romance once and for all.

Wharton gave fans an inside look at the family's vacation by sharing several behind-the-scenes videos on social media. Floyd was featured in a few of the clips, confirming that the two jetted off to their island destination together.

"So, the gang’s here," Wharton shared in one of the videos. "My princess."

Wharton and Floyd had an amicable breakup and agreed to co-parent Ryder throughout their separation. The two also recently agreed to be a part of the next season of Teen Mom OG , further documenting their journey as parents.

Between seeing Floyd on Wharton's social media posts to watching them interact on the show, fans have been rooting for them to get back together for the past year.

Floyd had Wharton's baby back in 2017, nine months after they took part in The Challenge reunion. The two have not revealed any plans to get back together, though they did confess during the Teen Mom OG reunion that they would be up for having more babies together.

Unfortunately, Floyd recently revealed that she is dating someone new. The reality star has not revealed the identity of her boyfriend and told fans that she will likely keep him a secret. We can only hope that changes, especially with Cheyenne Floyd being part of another season.

While fans hope for a reunion, Cory Wharton recently came under fire for not being there for his daughter after she fell seriously ill. Fans blasted the reality star for being on vacation during his daughter's sickness, though he later revealed that he came home as soon as he found out about the situation.

New episodes of Teen Mom OG will premiere later this year on MTV.


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