'Teen Mom' Stars Catelynn Lowell And Tyler Baltierra Tell All About Their Reported Split

'Teen Mom' Stars Catelynn Lowell And Tyler Baltierra Tell All About Their Reported Split
Credit: Source: MTV

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra may be headed for a divorce after all. Amid rumors of a split, the Teen Mom 2 stars sat down on The Dr. Oz Show and finally opened up about the challenges in their marriage. Are they considering getting a divorce after all of these years?

In a promo video for the upcoming episode, Dr. Oz asks the couple directly if they have considered calling it quits. The two met they were only 16 years old and have stayed together despite bouts of depression and a gut-wrenching miscarriage.

The clip ends before we hear Lowell and Baltierra answer the question, but Dr. Oz promises that they will get an “exclusive intervention” before it’s all over.


The interview follows what has been a rocky year for the Teen Mom couple. According to Radar Online , Lowell is coming off two stays in rehab after dealing with suicidal thoughts and depression while Baltierra just found out he is a bipolar.

On social media, Lowell recently went back to her maiden name and Baltierra has been puzzling fans with disturbing poetry. While Lowell has admitted that she is worried about the future, insiders say that the couple is on the verge of a shocking divorce.

“Everything is not okay. When I ask either Cate or Ty how they’re doing, they make no mention of the spouse,” the insider dished, adding that the behavior is not normal.

Baltierra and Lowell officially tied the knot in the summer of 2015. Despite all of the rumors surrounding their relationship, the couple has denied that they are headed for a split.

Apart from the divorce talk, Baltierra and Lowell also chatted about the show’s decision to fire Farrah Abraham. The network decided to give Abraham the boot because of her previous work as a porn star.


For Lowell, she thought MTV made a wise decision in letting Abraham go and assured fans that she had nothing to do with the drama. Baltierra, however, slammed Abraham for her poor career choices and told Dr. Oz that she is not a nice individual.

MTV ultimately decided to fire Abraham after a confrontation in the fall of last year. Teen Mom producer Morgan J. Freeman told Abraham that she could no longer continued her career in porn if she wanted to remain on the show. Abraham could not abide by the rule and ultimately thought it was best to leave the series for good.

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra return in new episodes of Teen Mom later this year on MTV.


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  • April lynn
    April lynn Oct 1, 2018 5:52 AM PDT

    Marriage under the best circumstances is not easy as someone who has bipolar, anxiety/panic and PTSD it makes things even more difficult especially in my case when a spouse doesn't understand or doesn't believe these are "real" illnesses, it's very lonely and isolating and I wish both of them the best of luck, there are usually ways of staying together but you have to really work on it, it's another full time job in itself.

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