Teen Mom Star Ryan Edwards Reportedly Relapsed Immediately After Completing Rehab

Teen Mom Star Ryan Edwards Reportedly Relapsed Immediately After Completing Rehab
Credit: Source: MTV

Ryan Edwards was forced into rehab last summer after yet another police arrest. The Teen Mom star spent 90 days in a treatment facility, during which he missed out on the birth of his first son with Mackenzie Standifer. With rehab taking a hefty toll, one would think Edwards would have taken it to heart and sobered up.

Sadly, that was not the case. Inside sources claim that Edwards relapsed as soon as he was released from rehab. In fact, the sources say that the reality star almost immediately started drinking once he was a free man, which brought him into contact with his old circle of friends.

"He was good for about a week [and] then went back to hanging out with the same people that do drugs and go out in all the bars," the insider dished. "He wasn't any better since he got out of rehab."

Things only went downhill from there. According to The Hollywood Gossip , police arrested Edwards last month for possession of heroin and theft. The theft charges stem from an unpaid bar tab in a town in Tennessee. The troubled Teen Mom star is being held in jail without bond and is scheduled to appear before a judge in April.

Although Edwards was using again soon after leaving rehab, his wife never left his side. Over the past few months, Standifer has shared multiple photos of Edwards posing with their son, Jagger, on social media. Despite Standifer's best attempts to make everything seem normal, it is pretty clear that Edwards was having serious issues behind the scenes.

Given Edwards' recent arrest, many Teen Mom fans are left wondering if Standifer will finally leave him. Although it would seem like a logical move, sources claim that Standifer plans on being there when Edwards gets out of jail.

There is no telling when Edwards will finally get released. He is expected to remain behind bars until his next hearing, and it is possible that a judge sentences him to more time considering his history with drugs.

Mackenzie Standifer has not commented on Ryan Edwards' latest arrest, she has only alluded to “struggles” on social media.


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