‘Teen Mom’ Star Gary Shirley Wants More Kids But There Is A Problem!

‘Teen Mom’ Star Gary Shirley Wants More Kids But There Is A Problem!
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New reports say that Amber Portwood‘s ex-fiancé Gary Shirley would like very much to have more children. However, it looks like the man may not get his wish considering his current wife, Kristina Anderson has tied her tubes.

Nevertheless, there are still options.

When asked about whether or not new additions to the family are welcome during an interview at the MTV VMAs, the reality star revealed: ‘Actually Kristina had gotten her tubes tied. I would love to have more kids. Maybe one day we’ll go back and untie them. Maybe fostering, that was something we were interested in. And you can adopt through fostering.’

But, despite the fact that he would love to have more children, Shirley also noted that taking care of them puts the married couple’s relationship ‘on the back burner,’ which is definitely not something he and his wife want.

As those who keep up with Teen Mom unmistakably know, Gary Shirley is the father of two biological daughters.

8-year-old daughter Leah is with baby mama Amber Portwood, relationship which ended in disaster.

With wife Anderson, he has a 2-year-old daughter, Emilee, while Anderson is also mother to Karly, 9, fathered by ex-husband Greg Anderson.

Since their nasty breakup, Amber has been in a serious relationship with Matt Baier, but they broke up recently.

Now, the reality TV star has a new boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, with whom she’s been packing the PDA.

Shirley and Anderson got married back in 2015 in a secret ceremony.

Do you think the couple should find a solution and have more kids or not?


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