Teen Mom' Ryan Edwards' Tinder Hook-Ups Reveal He Is Not Sober Weeks After Leaving Rehab

Teen Mom' Ryan Edwards' Tinder Hook-Ups Reveal He Is Not Sober Weeks After Leaving Rehab
Credit: Source: MTV

Teen Mom star Ryan Edwards was just caught cheating on his wife , Mackenzie Standifer. Leaked text messages reveal that Edwards sent raunchy photos to women he met on Tinder and even tried to schedule a meetup earlier this month.

Cheating on his wife, who just gave birth to their child, is bad enough, but the hookup messages also reveal that Edwards may have broken his sobriety weeks after getting out of rehab.

Radar Online released the saucy texts between Edwards and a mystery woman on Tinder this week.

In one of the text strings, the Teen Mom star asked the woman if she does cocaine. Edwards then revealed that he has a friend who has some “blow,” just in case they wanted it.

The woman answered that she does not do anything “outside of smoking weed.”

Edwards also sent photos of his penis to women on Tinder and tried to meet with at least one of his potential hookups.

But when the woman asked if they should meet at his place, Edwards told her that she probably does not want to “deal with his girl.”

He then clarified that he still lives with his wife but assured the woman that they are not together any longer.

The text exchange happened on Dec. 10. On Dec. 17, Edwards and Standifer shared photos of themselves and their baby on social media.

This is not the first time Edwards has been unfaithful to Standifer. Earlier this year, the Teen Mom star was caught sending texts about how he still enjoys having fun on the side. He also asked women to send him clips of them pleasuring themselves.

The scandal broke around the same time Edwards and Standifer announced their pregnancy. She eventually forgave him, though he clearly did not learn his lesson.

Standifer has not commented on Edwards’ latest cheating scandal, but Teen Mom fans have to wonder when she will finally have enough of it.

Ryan Edwards entered rehab a few months ago and was released over Thanksgiving.


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