Teen Mom - Mackenzie McKee's Mom Loses Her Long Battle With Cancer

Teen Mom - Mackenzie McKee's Mom Loses Her Long Battle With Cancer
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Teen Mom star Mackenzie McKee’s mom Angie Douthit has passed away after a long battle with cancer. According to a post on her Instagram page, Douthit “finished her race” on Monday, December 9th, at 11:37 p.m. And, she spent her last days surrounded by family and friends as they “prayed, sang, and shared funny Angie stories.”

The post featured a picture of Douthit crossing the finish line in the Diva Dash race wearing a pink tutu, and in the caption it said that she found out about her cancer in January 2018.

“She wanted to keep everyone informed of what was going on so she made a social media post. The next day she made another. And then another. And what started as an easy way to convey information turned into wildfire of hope that spread over the world,” read the post.

Douthit wasn’t able to sleep through an entire night, so she would wake up around 3 a.m. to write her posts. And, her family watched her get up every day in the darkest hours of the night “to spread the brightest light that she knew of, her Savior Jesus Christ.”

The post also revealed that there were times Douthit wrote through pain and confusion. And, towards the end she couldn’t type, so she would ask her daughters to do it for her so she could continue spreading the gospel message of hope.

Douthit posted every day for nearly two years, but the post said that now is the time for her Instagram followers to pick up the baton and run like she did.

“You can choose this day to be like Angie and use your social media engagements to make a difference rather than disaster, to spread love and not hate, and to always be kind,” read the message.

McKee has also spoken up about her mom’s cancer battle in the past two years. After she received her diagnosis, McKee wrote on Twitter that doctors had found multiple blood clots and three masses in her brain.

A few weeks later, the former Teen Mom 3 star shared that her mom was doing well and eating organic, running marathons, and working out two to three times a day. McKee said her mom was the healthiest person she knew.

“I am so sad. I can barely breathe. I can not lose her. She did ask that I blog her whole journey and make a documentary in case something does happen we will always have that. I know God will use her to speak to others,” wrote McKee.

At the Teen Mom OG reunion on September 2nd of this year, Douthit told Dr. Drew that her cancer had spread, and she had Stage 4 non-small cell carcinoma in her lungs, as well as small cell carcinoma, which is something that doesn’t happen.

“No one gets both kinds of lung cancer. A non smoker, a marathon runner, it’s just blowing everyone’s mind,” said Douthit.

She also revealed that she had ten tumors in her brain, a tumor the size of an orange in her right lung that wrapped around her windpipe, and so many tiny tumors in her lungs that she stopped counting at 40 on one side and gave up on the other.

“It’s in my bones, it’s in my liver, it’s all over,” said Angie Douthit.

Mackenzie McKee told Us Weekly during the summer that her mom’s spirits were amazing, but they knew her cancer was incurable and she would never get better. Instead, it was about how long they could keep her here without it getting worse.

“Sometimes, she’s just such a hard-headed person that sometimes I wonder, ‘Is she just smiling without knowing she’s in pain?’ She would never dare tell us she’s in pain or not feeling good. That’s just who she is,” said McKee.

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