'Teen Mom' Fans Call Out Tyler Baltierra For Not Wearing His Wedding Ring After Declaring His Love For Catelynn Lowell

'Teen Mom' Fans Call Out Tyler Baltierra For Not Wearing His Wedding Ring After Declaring His Love For Catelynn Lowell
Credit: Source: MTV

Tyler Baltierra is in hot water with Teen Mom fans yet again. Fans recently bashed the Teen Mom OG star after he posted a photo of himself on Instagram without wearing his wedding ring.

The drama started after Baltierra shared a heartfelt poem for his wife, Catelynn Lowell, alongside the pic, which prompted her to gush about him in response.

Fans, on the other hand, noticed that Baltierra was missing a key piece of hardware on his ring finger, and they immediately let him know about it.

Although fans were concerned about the missing ring, there was some confusion about which hand he was actually showing in the photo, especially since he was standing in front of a mirror.

Either way, it was good to see Baltierra and Lowell flirt with each in the comment section. As fans will recall, the pair recently decided they needed a break to help save their marriage.

According to In Touch Weekly , Lowell opened up about the break during an episode of Teen Mom OG . In an emotional clip, Lowell admitted that Baltierra was frustrated with how things were going and was seeing a therapist to help him work through some issues.

Aside from therapy, Baltierra decided that living apart for a month would help them discover themselves once again.

For her part, Lowell was devastated by the confession, though she eventually came around to the idea.

With the break in mind, it is understandable that fans reacted negatively when they noticed Baltierra's bare finger. In fact, some fans speculated that the photo meant the couple's marriage was over for good.

That said, Baltierra's poem was very sweet and indicates that he still wants to be with Lowell. The fact that she flirted back in the comments is also a good sign that they are still together.

"I love you too babe & regardless of what anyone says, just remember… You are BEAUTIFUL. You are STRONG. You are WORTHY. You are SAFE!" Baltierra assured Lowell.


Baltierra may have forgotten to wear his ring, but it sounds like Teen Mom fans have nothing to worry about.


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