Teen Mom - Amber Portwood And Andrew Glennon Reach Mediation Agreement Over Custody Of Their Son

Teen Mom - Amber Portwood And Andrew Glennon Reach Mediation Agreement Over Custody Of Their Son
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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood  started a nasty custody battle with her baby daddy Andrew Glennon when she allegedly assaulted and threatened him while he was holding their one-year-old son James during an argument on the 4th of July. But now, it appears the former couple has managed to reach an agreement through mediation.

After the alleged attack, Glennon filed a restraining order against Portwood, and she has been limited to supervised visits with James. Glennon gave up on the relationship completely and filed a request with the court back in August to move back to his home state of California with James. He had moved to Indiana to be with Portwood when they started their relationship, and the Teen Mom star was fighting his request to move and take James with him.

According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup , Glennon has agreed - for now - to stay in Indiana, and he will have primary physical custody of James, but will share legal custody with Portwood. After an evidentiary hearing in the case, the court will revisit the topic of Glennon’s move request.

Glennon was able to officially establish his paternity of James this past week, and he and Portwood - along with the Department of Child Services - have reached a mediation agreement that will help them with their parenting and custody while they continue to work on a more permanent arrangement.

Portwood will have time with James, but she must follow Indiana’s rule for parenting a child under the age of three, and that includes specific terms. Portwood will have custody of James for three non-consecutive “days” per week for 10 hours, and her visits on the other days will last three hours.

Portwood may have custody of James on scheduled holidays for eight hours, but she must return him to Glennon one hour before his bedtime. And, the Teen Mom star is allowed to have James overnight once per week if she has “exercised regular care responsibilities for the child.”

The no-contact order that Glennon requested is still in place, so Portwood is not allowed to go near her baby daddy. And, that means a parenting coordinator will help the former couple with transport and hand-offs, and the coordinator will also do checkups when Portwood has custody.

Glennon also made sure that Portwood wouldn’t allow MTV cameras to film James for Teen Mom , and neither of them are allowed to post pics or video of James on social media.

Portwood and Glennon also agreed to financial terms for taking care of James, and they agreed to communicate only through a parenting custody app and they can only discuss their son and nothing else.

Amber Portwood is due in court on October 31st for her criminal case after police arrested her on July 5th for the alleged assault against Glennon. New episodes of Teen Mom will return to MTV in 2020.


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