Teddi Mellencamp Reveals She Had More Than One Miscarriage

Teddi Mellencamp Reveals She Had More Than One Miscarriage
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According to Teddi Mellencamp, having more kids isn't a bad idea, but unfortunately for her, the possibility of having another is slim. The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills alum took to her Instagram on the 29th of November to reveal her struggle with getting pregnant in addition to a miscarriage.

In fact, Mellencamp, 37, had more than one miscarriage with her husband, Edwin Arroyave. On Instagram, a fan online asked her if she would consider having another child, and the daughter of John Mellencamp said, "I would love to more than anything."

However, she had "multiple miscarriages before Cruz and the IVF process was very hard for me and I'm not sure I can go through it again." The star added that she is grateful for the kids she has today; it's not necessary to have even more, because the pain isn't worth the gain.

Teddi got married to Arroyave, 41, back in 2011 and she later had their first baby, Slate, 6, and then Cruz, 4. Moreover, she has another kid named Isabella, 10, from a different relationship.

These days, Mellencamp has been more than candid regarding the difficulties a woman faces with pregnancy. She has gone through a few miscarriages and spoken honestly of them.

In the past, she admitted she was never able to have a baby on her own; she looked to doctors and other medical professionals for help. Teddi had to have Slate through insemination and then Cruz through in-vitro fertilization.

Despite most small-screen stars considering reality television as a struggle in personal relationships, Mellencamp has actually been doing great in her marriage since joining the other women on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.

In fact, her accountability coach has argued that the show has made her bond with her man even stronger. Back in June, Mellencamp spoke with reporters from Us Weekly and said the whole thing has made her and her man "more of a team." T.I and Tiny Harris should notice.

Teddi is the daughter of legendary singer-songwriter, John Mellencamp, 67. John had Teddi with Victoria Granucci, his first wife in the marriage which ended in 1989.

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