Teairra Mari's Fans Urge Her To Leave Entertainment For A Bit After Arrest And 50 Cent Drama

Teairra Mari's Fans Urge Her To Leave Entertainment For A Bit After Arrest And 50 Cent Drama
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According to recent reports, Teairra Mari has been arrested and charged with drunk driving.

The star rose to prominence through the music industry and after her role in Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood , and has been a minor celebrity since.

She is also known for being involved in a lawsuit with rapper 50 Cent, whom she accused of leaking a sex tape.

The accusation resulted in a lawsuit from 50 against her, in a case that was highly publicized in the past year.

The drunk driving incident reportedly had Mari driving in a very dangerous manner, brushing the side of the road with her car and throwing off sparks, according to eyewitness accounts.

Officers took some time to catch up to her as she was driving in a very aggressive manner, but eventually managed to catch her and force her off the road.

A BAC test revealed a level of over 0.3, several times more than the legal limit, according to official reports.

The woman was also driving without a license and was driving a 3-wheeled car despite a previous charge for driving under the influence.

Her car was supposed to have an ignition protector ordered by the court, but the device was not present at the time, allowing her to get behind the wheel.

Reports from the police officers responsible for her arrest indicate that she attempted to brag her way out of getting arrested, claiming that she was a celebrity and initially refusing to cooperate.

However, these reports have not been corroborated by everyone involved in the arrest.

Supporters want her to take a long break from the entertainment industry, so she can find herself again.

One person stated: "Sis take a break from all of this if you can. Media, Hollywood,... all of it. Seek God. Focus on healing yourself. Don't lose hope. Better days are ahead, but you have to heal. You are broken, and I can see it in your eyes. But the good news is you don't have to stay broken. The Most High is a healer, and you are precious to Him. He has not forgotten you. You are in my prayers, love. ❤️"

Another person added: "My heart is with her, and I feel for the embarrassment that she must be feeling right now...but that pales in comparison to the major damage she could have inflicted...she was well over the legal limit, driving on a wheel well with sparks flying and open liquor in the car...she needs to thank god that only her ego is the victim this time."

Should the entertainer follow through with these ideas?

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