Teairra Marie Storms Out Of Interview After Being Asked Where Her Sex Tape Can Be Found In New Video

Teairra Marie Storms Out Of Interview After Being Asked Where Her Sex Tape Can Be Found In New Video
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The latest season of "Love and Hip Hop Hollywood" is premiering soon and that means that the members of the cast are doing their rounds of promo. Teairra Marie's storyline will revolve around her sex tape leak. During an interview with Team Curtains, the reality star is so offended by one of the questions she's asked that she storms out -- the moment was captured on camera.

In the video that you can watch below, an interviewer brings up the leak by saying: "So, yeah, at the top of the year, you drop some new pictures on your Instagram and was like, ‘Bam! New music is coming,’ [but] the last thing I heard about you was a sex tape."


To which Teairra seems to be okay with talking about. She responds: "Yeah, that’s true. That’s very true. My ex-boyfriend released a sex tape."

It's what another journalist said that triggered the singer to walk out.

The person asks: "Where is it? Where can I see it?"

Marie immediately gets up and leaves the interview. She was joined by co-stars Bridget Kelly and Brooke Valentine.

Bridget immediately chastises the host for asking that question and the clip ends.

It was unclear if the question was intended to be shady due to the fact that Teairra was recently exposed by her former friend , Christopher Milan, for leaking her own sex tape. The host could have been asking because they thought she was following in the steps of Mimi Faust by capitalizing on the inappropriate video.

Milan also added that Teairra needs mental help because the situation goes beyond a plot for a storyline.

Since the release, Marie has continued to date Akbar Abdul-Ahad -- the man she has accused of releasing the x-rated video.

Viewers will find out more when they tune in on July 23 for the new season.

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