Teairra Mari Pleaded Guilty In Her DWI Case - Here Are The Latest Details

Teairra Mari Pleaded Guilty In Her DWI Case - Here Are The Latest Details
Credit: Complex

Teairra Mari makes headlines all over the place following her latest decision. You may recall that she was arrested back in June after she drove her vehicle while she was intoxicated.

This was happening in NYC and now, TSR brings the latest details surrounding her case.

It seems that Teairra has entered a guilty plea in her case.

TSR cites the info from TMZ and reveals that 'Teairra entered a guilty plea to one count of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence. For now, she will be avoiding spending some time behind bars.'

TSR continues and details that 'According to the Queens District Attorney's Office, the terms under her guilty plea require her to complete several DWI-related courses. One of those courses includes, “a victim impact panel and an impaired driver program.”'

A few people said that this piece of news will definitely make 50 Cent's day.

A follower commented: 'So pretty and so talented... industry did her so wrong,' and one other posted this: 'She’s got deeper issues so she takes it out on a bottle of liquor.'

Someone else said: 'She needs help not to exploited by people she doesn’t know 😒'

One person posted this: 'She’s been commenting on all the posts regarding 50 Cent, let’s see if she comments on this one 😂'

As you know by now, Teairra Mari sued 50 Cent for revenge porn a while ago, and since the lawsuit has been dismissed, 50 Cent keeps asking for his money back.

Teairra simply refuses to give it to him, and this led to a not stop online war between the two.

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