Taylor Swift's Tonight Show Appearance Was Everything - See The Hilarious Video

Taylor Swift's Tonight Show Appearance Was Everything - See The Hilarious Video
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Taylor Swift stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night ahead of her performance on Saturday Night Live this weekend, and her visit was everything fans hoped it would be and more. From a hilarious post-surgery video of Swift to one of the most memorable games of "Name That Song" ever, the appearance was absolutely hilarious.

During her interview, Swift talked about her new album Lover and the upcoming Lover Fest tour, but then things took a hilarious turn when Fallon asked the singer if she recently had LASIK eye surgery. “What is going on?” asked Swift when Fallon asked her about taking painkillers after the surgery.

Fallon then revealed that he had a special video clip to share with the audience. It was the video’s “world premiere,” and it featured Swift recovering from the LASIK eye surgery. Swift’s mom Andrea was the one who shot the video and sent it to Fallon, and the You Need To Calm Down singer couldn’t believe he was going to air it. “For the television?!” she asked.

The clip began with Swift wearing protective goggles and in search of a banana, but when she attempts to pull one from the bunch she grabs the wrong one.

“That wasn’t the one I wanted,” said Swift.

When Andrea reminded Taylor that she couldn’t cry, she does everything she can to hold back the tears. The video then cuts to Taylor in bed eating the banana, and when Andrea tells her not to fall asleep while eating Taylor replies, “I’m not asleep. My mind is alive.”

Fallon couldn’t control his laughter over the video, while Taylor was completely embarrassed by it. “That’s on television,” she said.

The laughs didn’t stop there, however, as the two eventually played "Name That Song," where The Roots play one instrument at a time as contestants try to figure out the song they are playing.

Fallon often dominates this game against celebrity contestants because of his pop culture obsession. However, Taylor was tough competition, as she recognized the first song, Britney Spears’ Baby, One More Time and she also figured out Nelly’s Hot in Here .

But, it was the last song that ended up being Fallon’s “favorite thing that ever happened on the whole show, ever.” When The Roots started playing the beat of the final song, Taylor looked confused, like she had never heard it before. That’s when Fallon rings in and gives the correct answer - Shake It Off, by Taylor Swift.

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon airs weeknights on NBC. The Lover album is currently in stores and available for download.


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