Taylor Swift's Stalker Is Found Unfit To Stand Trial

Taylor Swift's Stalker Is Found Unfit To Stand Trial
Source: GQ.com

A man was arrested recently for burglary as well as stalking inside Taylor Swift's apartment. In March of 2017, E! News reported that police took Mohammad Jaffar into custody after being caught in the country-singer-turned-pop-star's New York City building. The authorities charged him with stalking, trespassing, and burglary.

After the state detained him, police held Jaffar on $20,000 bail, and the judge signed an order commanding him to stay away from Taylor Swift.

Page Six claimed that the protection was primarily a restraining order - one where Jaffar is not allowed to go anywhere near Taylor or contact her in any way shape or form.

According to the report as obtained by the organization, Jaffar wanted to meet with Taylor and had, at many times, tried to get in contact with the superstar.

In a report from E! News, the District Attorney of New York claimed that the man is unable to stand trial due to mental health issues. Not long after their assessment of Jaffar's mental stability, officers took him into custody at the New York State Office of Mental Health.

Taylor isn't the only one to have her life interrupted by stalkers and individuals with mental health problems.

Kendall Jenner dealt with a stalker who followed her car into the driveway and then banged on her window to talk to her. The accused was taken into custody shortly after.

Swift is no stranger to unwanted altercations herself, as Jaffar had been bothering her for several months.

However, Swift has kept a low profile as of late and has kept her relationship with Hollywood actor, Joe Alwyn, under wraps. Several organizations announced they were dating just a few months ago when the paparazzi snapped a shot of the couple hanging out on a patio . As for Taylor's record, industry executives scheduled her new album for release on the 10th of November.

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