Taylor Swift's Stalker Arrested With Tons Of Violent Weapons Including Baseball Bats And Burglary Tools

Taylor Swift's Stalker Arrested With Tons Of Violent Weapons Including Baseball Bats And Burglary Tools
Credit: Source: NewsWeek.com

Reported first by Page Six, a man from Iowa hoping to come in contact with Taylor Swift was arrested outside of her house in Rhode Island with a backpack filled with weapons, including an aluminum bat as well as other burglary tools.

Arrested on Friday, David Page Liddle, from Des Moines, was booked by authorities in Westerley after residents in the area spotted him near a boatyard close to the pop star's house. The police then found Liddle, 32, with a bag filled with highly suspicious weapons.

The police who spoke with The Westerly Sun stated they saw him with a backpack with an aluminum bat visibly sticking out of it. Shawn Lacey, the Westerly Police Chief, said to the newspaper that the suspect kept saying repeatedly that he knew her "personally" and just wanted to visit.

The man told the authorities that Taylor told him she could help with his music career. The man said to the police that he took a train to the star's house after he visited Nashville, where the star also has a home. Lacey said he also went to Memphis as well.

The police claimed Liddle has a history of such behavior, and the pop star's security is well aware of it. According to the newspaper through Page Six, the authorities found in his bag thirty different lock picks, a crowbar, a tool designed to break windows, as well as a flashlight and a pair of rubber gloves.

A judge ordered the man to stay away from Taylor as well as her properties, and he also must undergo a mental health evaluation. As most know, this won't be the first time that Taylor has dealt with stalkers, including a man from Florida who was sentenced to four years in prison for breaking into her townhouse.

The man broke into her house just one month after he was released from jail for a similar crime and he was subsequently hit with a prison sentence. This week, Liddle was charged with possession of burglary tools as well as a prohibited weapon. It's unclear what the unidentified weapon was.

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