Taylor Swift's Crew Of Besties Want Joe Alwyn To Propose Already!

Taylor Swift's Crew Of Besties Want Joe Alwyn To Propose Already!
Credit: Source: Glamour

After two years of dating, it looks like Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn could be ready to walk down the aisle.

An insider has revealed that their friends are expecting a proposal any day now, and Alwyn is reportedly Swift’s “dream guy.”

“Joe wants to marry her, and she wants to marry him. He’s just waiting to find the perfect time to propose. He wants to make it unforgettable and extremely special,” a source told Us Weekly .

Swift and Alwyn went public with their relationship in May 2017, and they have kept things relatively private, living a “low-key and normal” life together at their home in London. The insider says that Alwyn “feels privileged” to be with Swift, and he is happy to not be in the spotlight.

The source also revealed that Swift has been “much happier without her personal life in the open,” and she gives Alwyn credit for helping her realize how much better off they are keeping things to themselves instead of airing every personal detail.

The couple reportedly spends their days working out, watching movies, and entertaining friends. They pretty much avoid posting things together on social media, and when they are out in public, they are pros when it comes to avoiding paparazzi.

Swift didn’t walk the red carpet during awards season, even though Alwyn’s film The Favourite was a nominee at every major awards show. However, she did show up to support her man at various after parties.

This isn’t the first time that engagement rumors have swirled around the couple. In March of last year, reports surfaced that Swift wanted to get engaged, but didn’t feel pressured to impress anyone. And, in December sources claimed that Alwyn would be proposing soon.

But this time around, the rumors are really gaining steam. And, many believe that 2019 will be the year that Alwyn puts a ring on it. As for what kind of ring it will be, insiders say Swift wants something “elegant and simple.”

Fans are already starting to ask questions about the wedding, with many speculating that Swift will have an epic bachelorette party with her squad and that Selena Gomez will be the maid of honor.

Of course, the biggest question is - what will Swift sing about once she is an engaged woman? She is reportedly dropping a new album this year. But, with no major breakups in her life since 2017’s Reputation , plus a long-term healthy relationship, will Taylor Swift share another Love Story ?

Fans will have to wait and see.

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