Taylor Swift will play in the crime comedy 'Amsterdam'-the singer appeared in tears in the first trailer

Taylor Swift will play in the crime comedy 'Amsterdam'-the singer appeared in tears in the first trailer
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Taylor Swift boldly navigates the corridors of time into the 1930s for her new role in David O. Russell's crime comedy Amsterdam.

The singer is increasingly immersed in the world of cinema and has now decided to play in a film about a mysterious murder. In the first trailer, we see an elegant blonde with golden curls, and her red lipstick perfectly embodies the spirit of that era.

Tears roll down the heroine's cheeks, and a neat hat adds even more drama to the image. Although plot details are still under wraps, the audience saw a completely different trailer at the CinemaCon film festival in April, in which Swift's character received much attention.

There, Taylor appeared as a grieving daughter who burst into tears in front of the body of her father while the character played by Chris Rock looked at her.

The film tells about three close friends - a doctor, a nurse, and a lawyer - trying to prove their innocence after being at the center of one of the most secret conspiracies in American history.

The film's cast is truly impressive: Christian Bale, Margot Robbie, John David Washington, Anya Taylor-Joy, Zoe Saldana, Mike Myers, Michael Shannon, Timothy Olyphant, Rami Malek, and Robert De Niro.

However, Amsterdam is far from the first acting role for the 11-time Grammy winner. The last time she played in the musical "Cats" in 2019, the part of Bombalurina; she also starred in the films "The Giver," "The Lorax," and "Valentine's Day."

In 2012, Swift told the Philippine Daily Inquirer that she had been reading scripts for about five years and even had an acting coach. "In my free time, I just read and read scripts.


When I look at actors that I admire, I see that it was an accurate decision-making process for these people. They make decisions based on what they love and only do what they love. They play only those characters they can't stop thinking about," the singer said.

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